Mayor Garcetti: We are preparing for a very bad El Nino

Mayor Eric Garcetti says the City of Los Angeles isn't taking chances. It remembers all of the death and destruction from the El Niño of 1997-98 and wants to be prepared. That said, Garcetti told reporters two companies have been hired to be at the ready if help is needed after storms hit. LA has also worked out deals with the four major mobile communications providers for a disaster communications plan before a disaster occurs.

The City of LA is promoting El Niño preparedness by saying "have a kit, make a plan and stay informed." Those words from Jim Featherstone, the General Manager of the Office of Emergency Management, are meant to simplify the thought process because there really can be much to think about.

The City has a notification system it uses in a time of crisis called NOTIFY LA. Residents are urged to sign up. They are also encouraged to look at LA's new El Niño website called ElNiñ

Finally, Featherstone adds be prepared at home, at work or school and in transit.

Meanwhile, LA City Councilman Paul Koretz added a dozen tips he hopes will be helpful. Some we've heard before.