Glendale couple without home after large tree falls on house

A Glendale man is keeping his sense of humor after an uprooted tree fell into this home Thursday afternoon.

Brant Malan and his wife have only lived in their Glendale home on Bywood for a year but on Thursday, they got a shocker -- a large tree smashed onto their roof from the hillside behind their home.

Why that happened is under investigation, but the home was red tagged. The tree, he says, actually cracked thru the bedroom ceiling of his home.

Neighbors said the rain was extremely heavy around noon when the tree fell.

Malan is trying to make the best of it. He has homeowners insurance and, as he points out, no one was home and no one was hurt -- all good. He even made a meme with a picture of the roof with the tree on it reading "I fell for you. Happy Valentine's Day."