El Niño: The Day After

It may be a little unsettling what happens after a big storm. And, El Niño has certainly pushed a lot of junk through our sewer system through outflows and into the ocean.

Here's a partial list:

*A rattlesnake on a Ventura County Beach

*In Long Beach lots of debris caught in trash booms at the mouth of the Los Angeles River and at Rainbow Harbor/Marina to capture debris before it gets into the harbor and onto city beaches.

*A swell from the northwest has sent high surf crashing over the breakwater and into the parking lot at King Harbor in Redondo Beach.

*Rip currents are a big problem. The number one cause of drowning in the ocean.

*And, on top of that LA County Public Health says bacteria levels are high so, its best to stay out of the water.

To Alexia Sorich, it's beautiful out there. As she dances along the beach and water with a hula hoop she says the water is "amazing after the storm to play around and exercise."

But, Spencer Parker with LA County Lifeguards doesn't agree. He says high levels of bacteria can be very problematic. He encourages people to steer clear of being in the water. There are signs they say that posted along the coast as well.

Unlike other surfers we saw John Sullivan isn't taking any chances. He doesn't want to get sick. He worries about getting things like hepatitis. He'd rather walk his dog.

The LA County Public Health Department says its health advisory is in effect until Sunday morning at 7am.

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