LAX passenger quarantined after showing potential coronavirus symptoms

A passenger arriving on an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles International Airport from Mexico City was hospitalized and quarantined after showing what health officials called “disturbing" symptoms, that indicate the patient may have been exposed to the deadly coronavirus,  it was announced Thursday.  

County officials plan increased bus service

Los Angeles County transportation officials have unveiled plans for more frequent bus service on more corridors -- a change they said could help reverse a steep decline in bus ridership, it was reported Tuesday.

Point of View: How Is One of America’s Highest Gas Taxes Not Enough

California drivers pay more than double the national average for state gasoline taxes. After voters approved another six-cent increase in July, Governor Newsom signed an executive order in September that allows him to redirect some of these funds to programs addressing climate change instead of infrastructure repair. Do you think that was a bait and switch, or do you think he did the right thing?

Big travel day at LAX

Holiday travel and the storm moving through the region are contributing to the pre-Christmas congestion at LAX.

6 people arrested at LAX labor protest

Six people were arrested Friday evening as unionized airline caterers staged another demonstration at Los Angeles International Airport to highlight their demand for higher wages and expanded benefits.

Point of View: Fixing Metro train service

In a city with far too much traffic, with too many cars carrying just one person, you would think a mass transportation system would be embraced, right?