FOX orders a 13th serving of ‘MasterChef’

Listen up, chefs: FOX has ordered another season of “MasterChef.” Ahead of the 12th season finale of Gordon Ramsay’s fan-favorite cooking competition, FOX has renewed the series for a 13th season.

'MasterChef: Back to Win' recap: All roads end here at the semifinals

Welcome back to “MasterChef: Back to Win” recaps! It’s the first half of finale week, as the five remaining chefs first fight to survive the “Semi Finals” two-challenge gauntlet, and the three finalists start their culinary thesis statement in “Finale — Part 1.”

'MasterChef: Back to Win' recap: A spicy, surprising double whammy

Welcome back to “MasterChef” recaps for another other two-course culinary gauntlet (or another pair of back-to-back episodes, whichever you prefer). First, the top 10 chefs must make haute cuisine out of convenience-store food in “Gas Station Gourmet,” then they take a peppery page from a previous champion’s book in “Winners Mystery Box — Gerron Hurt.”

‘MasterChef’ recap: More ‘back to win’ contestants compete

Welcome back to “MasterChef ” recaps! In episode 2, “Back to Win - Audition Battles (continued),” the barrage of culinary fisticuffs continues, as four more rounds of All-Star former contestants whip up “comeback dishes” to win a coveted white apron and a chance to return to the MasterChef competition. TV critic Clint Worthington recaps the latest from the MC Kitchen.

‘MasterChef’ returns! Here’s what you missed in the premiere

Welcome to "MasterChef" recaps! In the season 12 premiere, "Back to Win — Audition Battles," we get — you guessed it — auditions, as the MC kitchen welcomes back 40 former contestants, all competing for a chance to snag the title (and the cash that comes with it). Here's what you missed.

Chef Aaron Sanchez creates a Cinco de Mayo fiesta right at home

Chef Aaron Sanchez from Master Chef shows you h ow to make Cinco de Mayo worthy dishes using ingredients you likely have in your pantry and fridge - plus easy substitutions - including tips on the Mexican ingredients to get your hands on for an authentic celebration at home.