Women's World Cup fever sweeping Los Angeles

Fans at a watch party at the Fields LA were glued to the TV screens watching the ladies beat France 2-1.

The game was exciting, it was tense. The U.S. scored two goals both at the feet of Captain Megan Rapino.

"I love Megan as an offensive player... She needed to be in that game...so glad she had a great game... The last game she didn't play well so it was fun to see her have a really good game," said fan Marissa Hunsberger from Philadelphia.

"I have added stakes because I am on Sunday flying to Paris and then onto Leone for the finals... I'll be there either way... Hopefully the U.S. is still playing," said fan Jake Axelbank.

Meanwhile, across town, another watch party was held at the Stalking Horse sponsored by FOX.

Late in the game, France managed to score one goal but it wasn't enough, and even though it was a tough loss for the host team, two French citizens visiting Los Angeles were good sports.

"I wish you guys the best of luck, you guys were good. I can see here that you have the same mindset which is when France has done something great, you are cheering them up and that's what we are going to do so thank you so much," said French soccer fan, Beranger Agthe.

The ladies in red, white and blue will advance to the semi-finals in Paris where they will face off against England.