Award-winning courtroom sketch artist draws the L.A. Dodgers for FOX 11

By now, you've seen the exclusive FOX 11 Dodgers sketches, but have you met the talented woman behind them?

She's a freelance illustrator named Mona Edwards, and you've likely seen her work before, she's been in the courtroom for some of the biggest cases in recent memory, including OJ Simpson, Rodney King, and Richard Ramirez (the Nightstalker).

But now, she's capturing the Dodgers' World Series campaign through a series of sketches for FOX 11.

"Well, this was an interesting project, something that came out of that blue, not to be punny or anything," Edwards said from her Hollywood home. "I got a call from
Fox News on if I would be interested in doing Dodgers sketches for the World Series."

Even though she had never drawn sports before, the answer was an immediate yes for Edwards, who grew up in Los Angeles and has been a lifelong Dodgers fan.

"What I try to do is discern what tells the story the best," she said. "And that's whether it's courtroom, or fashion, it's how do I best show to people the exuberance or the feeling of that particular moment?".

So far, Edwards has done 3 Dodgers sketches for FOX11. One celebratory group shot, one of Justin Turner, and another of Clayton Kershaw.

"The one of Kershaw pitching I took a toothbrush with paint, and I was flicking orange and brown paint so I got the dust coming off the ground when he was throwing a pitch," she said.

Each drawing takes roughly two hours, and about ten drafts before a final.

Edwards prefers to stand when she draws so she can get a better perspective of her work.

"I've always drawn, and whenever I was bored as a child my mother would say draw something, paint something, and so I've always drawn my whole life," she said.

Edwards' Dodgers sketches can be downloaded for free on the FOX 11 Los Angeles Facebook page.

Get the 'Season To Remember' drawing here:

Get the 'Camaraderie' drawing here:

Get the drawing of the Dodgers Stadium here:

Get the Clayton Kershaw drawing here:

Get the Justin Turner drawing here:

Get the drawing of the Dodgers win that sent them to the World Series here:

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