20 lucky young Dodger fans get the surprise of a lifetime!

A group of boys and girls clapped for former Dodger player and legend Eric Karros, but they had no idea he was about to deliver them the surprise of a lifetime.

"MasterCard and MLB is going to send every one of you to the World Series," he announced as the kids broke out in cheers.

Just from hearing those cheers you know, these kids weren't expecting that!

"I just thought we were going to meet someone and practice with them, but for us to get World Series tickets it's incredible," Own Sideras, MLB Youth Academy player, said.

The group of 20 baseball and softball players are all members of the Major League Baseball Youth Academy in Compton and they were chosen because of their work in athletics and academics.

"It's an eclectic group of kids that come all the time and it's a reward for them to come," Darrell Miller, MLB VP Youth & Facility Development, said. "We want them to know that we appreciate them really wanting to be somebody and putting in the work."

Most of the kids spend their free time on the field and when they're not practicing their favorite sport, they're watching it.

"I'm a huge fan of the Dodger players and I've been playing sports since I was like four," softball player, Emily Lopez, said. "I love sports and I love watching games."

But watching the World Series in person was something their parents told them wasn't happening because tickets are just too expensive.

"Once I heard that I'm going to get a free ticket it's like, you don't even have to pay? What?," softball player, Catherine Calzada, said.

Darrell Miller who runs the Compton program said this opportunity is more than just a game it's a chance for these young players to see their role models at the top of their careers.

"I think it inspires our kids to reach for more and to know that it's attainable because when you're in that ballpark you can dream some big dreams," he said.

You can learn more about MLB Youth Academy Programs on their website .

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