What The Hal? Next steps in LA's public transportation

Camille Cruz is 26 -- a millennial. She came to LA from New York where she used public transportation all of the time. But, not in LA. Not until Monday when she took us up on a challenge to give it a try. After all, she lives near the North Hollywood Station and works near the Bundy and Olympic station in West LA.

She's exactly the type of commuter public transit officials are trying to reach. That according to the CEO's from Metro, Metrolink and SCAG that are trying to beef up the transportation their agencies have been working on for years.

What The Hal? Episode 50: Next steps in public transportation

In this podcast, we hear from Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Wiggins from Metrolink, CEO Phillip Washington from Metro and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Darin Chidsey of the Southern California Association of Governments. In this episode we hear of their plans, goals and what its going to take to get us moving which very well could include a "congestion charge".