What the Hal? Devastating fires in the Amazon rainforest

A lot of people around the world are keeping their eyes on Brazil and the massive fire that is burning in the rainforest.  The fire has been burning for nearly three weeks, and can be seen from space. About 60% of the Amazon region is in Brazil. The vast Amazon also spans parts of Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, an overseas region of France.

In this podcast we discuss the impacts the fires have on other countries and what is being done to stop the fires. 

Our guests are: Atossa Soltani the founder and board president of Amazon watch, Karen North a social media professor at USC, Jack Eidt with Wildlife Utopia and SoCal 350 Climate Action, Cheyenne Bizon who is an eco-educator from group Tree People and Carlos Moran who is the Senior Director of Programs at Tree People. 

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