From home brewers to mainstream grocery stores: All about kombucha with KeVita's Andrew Thomas

Do you drink kombucha?

The trendy fermented beverage used to just be found in health food stores and in the kitchens of home brewers, but now it's everywhere.

There are a lot of health claims online about kombucha, but is it just hype?

Andrew Thomas, director of marketing for KeVita, joined me on Olympic & Bundy to talk all about kombucha. As KeVita is now owned by PepsiCo, his job is an interesting one when it comes to how to further market this kind of drink to people -- beyond the super health conscious.

Our conversation covered many subjects, including:

-Andrew's background and how he began working at KeVita.
-How kombucha is made and the typical ingredients.
-The scary-looking "scoby" - what is it?
-Kombucha and alcohol: How much is in it?
-What are probiotics and what health benefits do they have?
-Why does gut health matter?
-The many health claims online about kombucha.
-Other probiotic drinks and apple cider vinegar.
-Some history behind kombucha.
-Who shouldn't drink kombucha?
-How kombucha companies market the drink to a wider consumer base.

And more!

Listen to the full episode with Andrew Thomas here.

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