A conversation with Morley: Screenwriter turned prolific Los Angeles street artist

Street artist Morley is responsible for art you've likely seen while walking down the sidewalk or driving through the various neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

If you've never seen his artwork in person, you may have seen his words shared as posts on Instagram.

He's known for creating bold, typographic posters with a cartoon-like image of himself that he wheat pastes on utility boxes, boarded up buildings and other places that won't leave lasting damage.

I first learned about Morley when a friend invited me to one of his pop-up art shows. I was immediately struck by his ability to so eloquently put into words exactly what I was feeling, and as it turns out, that's kind of his goal.

"I wanted to create art that was broad yet somehow specific," he said. "I wanted a million people to walk by something that I had done and a million of them to say, 'I feel like he made that just for me.'"

Morley first moved to Los Angeles as a screenwriter. Combining his talent for writing and art, he's found a way to combine the two passions into something that inspires other people moving through their day to day lives.

Listen to the full episode with Morley on Feb. 18!

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