Point of View: Leaders or hypocrites?

Many residents of California are growing tired of government leadership. A big part of the weariness is the hypocrisy of many of these politicians who are crippling the economy and putting thousands of people out of work. They shut down the hair salons, but Nancy Pelosi went anyway. Rather than own the fact that she took advantage of her celebrity and gave herself a privilege that was forbidden to others, she offered a weak excuse that she was set up. That’s hypocrisy.

Governor Newsom went to dinner with a dozen friends after preaching to us that we shouldn’t. He acknowledging his mistake, but insisted he was eating outdoors – until Fox 11 obtained photos showing that he was clearly indoors. After FOX 11 exposed his hypocrisy, he did apologize and I give him some credit for that.

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But LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s hypocrisy is perhaps the worse yet. Right after declaring that outdoor dining is probably more dangerous than any other kind of business, and immediately after casting a deciding vote to shut down all outdoor dining in LA County, she walked straight out the door and went to dinner at her favorite restaurant. That is textbook hypocrisy. Hey Sheila! Question. Is it dangerous for all of us, or just the ignorant masses but not for you clear thinking smart people?

Kuehl has said this is a non-story and doesn’t know why FOX 11 would make a big deal out of it. Fair enough. She is entitled to think that, but our job is to hold powerful people accountable, even when that makes them uncomfortable. People want to know when political leaders are not doing what they are requiring us to do.

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To be fair, Sheila Kuehl didn’t do anything illegal. But the optics were horrible. Perhaps she can at least admit that. Our elected officials need to lose the hypocrisy and be better, more inspiring leaders.

Here are some responses from FOX 11 viewers:

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