Woman homeless for 6 years gets one just in time for the holidays thanks to local nonprofit

There's no place like home for the holidays. 

That's particularly true for a woman who has been without one for six years.

"Wow, looks so nice!" said 61-year-old Marie Minot. 

To say Minot was wowed by her new home is an understatement. 

Everything from the bedroom to the kitchen put a smile on her face. 

For the past six years, Minot lived in a camper, her car, and most recently a shelter.

But thanks to Katina Holliday and her nonprofit, Holliday's Helping Hands, Minot found this apartment.

But she couldn't move in without furniture, so the Holliday's Helping Hands team got to work.

There's art on the walls, touches of glamour.

Every need for someone starting over is met.

"This year we have housed about 50, since inception" said Holliday. 

There is real joy on Holliday's face as she shows Minot all that her new home offers - like real plants!

"So you've got to water those, they're real plants!" Holliday laughed. 

There's real gratitude in Minot's voice when she realizes she is no longer homeless.

 "Thank you so much, I appreciate this," Minot said. 

"When you're homeless, you've got to be guarded," Minot added. "[But now] like I can breathe."