Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Trespassing Suspect in Court & Now Free

26-year-old Ariel Archer can no longer be within 150 yards of the Calabasas home of actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. At the Van Nuys Courthouse, she pleaded no contest to trespassing back in March. She got all the way into the kitchen of the Smith home and now, has been sentenced to a three-year summary probation. And, that restraining order. But, this is just one of three recent very scary break-ins involving celebrities.

Chris Brown found a woman from Texas named Amira Ayeb naked in his bed. He posted a picture of her on his staircase. Ayeb, he said, broke the hinges off the doors to get in and even cooked meals. She may have been in the home several days while he was out of town.

Then, there is Joshua Corbett. He's alleged to have totally freaked out actress Sandra Bullock by breaking into her home. Bullock called 911 from inside her closet where she was hiding. The actress said she had just come out of the shower when she heard Corbett making noise; saw him dressed in all black. In a subsequent investigation of his home police say they found a cache of weapons. The case involving the actress goes to court July 6th.

Security expert Aaron Cohen says, "I think these cases are unfortunate, but clearly we are seeing an escalation of harassment."

Cohen can't understand why celebrities wouldn't have Fort Knox-like security. But, he does think it's happening more because of social media which to him, is "a powerful, powerful tool and I think that's what's increasing the risk." He adds, "I think that social media is working against the celebrity in certain cases because it's allowing more access than ever to make people feel like there's a connection with that celebrity.

The security expert's advice is celebrities need to have as much security at their homes as they would in their entourage.

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