West LA coffee shop repeatedly targeted by local vandals

A West Los Angeles coffee shop says it's been repeatedly vandalized by a homeless man in recent nights, and the owners are calling for action.

Federal Coffee is on Pico Boulevard in West LA. The owners say that a homeless man in the area has destroyed windows at their storefront at least three times over the last few days, and has been targeted by vandals seven times since it opened its doors. The owners say they've filed several police reports but the vandalism continues.

"On the first day he came he threw the rock at the service window," said Daniel Jacobson. "So we came, we boarded up, fixed it. Two days later he came, he broke the same window again." Then, Jacobson says another window at the store was broken "either the same night or the next night."

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The owners of the coffee shop are asking for the community to come together to help combat the issue of homelessness in the area 

"We need to see a true escalation of this matter," said Adi Perez. "Not from just us, but if other businesses come together, neighbors, talking raising their voice."

Several female employees told FOX 11 that they felt unsafe because of the crime. The owners say they've recently hired a security guard to monitor the property after hours, but the repairs and the costs are hurting their business.