Wednesday's Child: Noah would love a forever family to help him grow both roots and wings

Noah (b. May 2017) is a sweet and kind little boy with an exuberant personality. He can be initially shy but increasingly engaging once he gets comfortable. Noah loves all things Paw Patrol. Today, we’re on patrol for the perfect pumpkin for Halloween!

Noah is working on staying focused and being able to express his needs verbally. He receives assistance with schoolwork and is receiving specialized therapeutic services to enhance language skills. 

Noah has a good appetite and some of his favorite foods include cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and bubble-gum flavored ice cream.  He’s sociable and loves to interact by playing ball with others. 

Noah needs a permanent family home where he will receive the structure, support and loving patience for him to grow and become all he can be!  He’d love to have older siblings he can look up to as part of his "adoptive family patch." If you can see your family being the place for Noah to grow both roots and wings, please let us know!

To see more of Noah, tune in to Wednesday’s Child! And to learn more about adopting, call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).  Happy Halloween from the Wednesday’s Child team!