Wednesday's Child: Alex would love a forever home

Alex (b. March 2015) is an active boy who likes the great outdoors where he can explore! 

He thinks it is cool to go camping and, of course, make (and eat!) s’mores! When it comes to food, believe it or not -- Alex is not a fan of fast food and prefers a home-cooked meal … and he loves to eat his vegetables and likes to garden! 

With that in mind, we set off to Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, CA for some hands-on lessons in horticulture. 

Alex got some tips on how to plant crops and water seedlings. Alex loved being able to eat some of the garden veggies and fruits right off the vine during his Kidspace adventure. Alex can entertain himself indoors as well, as he is a bit of a gamer, too. In addition to video games, Alex also enjoys playing card games and can show intense 
excitement during activities for which he is passionate. And that passion can sometimes even spill over into when Alex is cheering on his favorite sports teams – the Chicago Bulls and Bears! 

Alex has been described as intelligent for his age. Alex tells us he has an interest in building things and that he wants to pursue engineering. 

Alex thrives within structured environments, while also wanting some space to create. He looks forward to some of the simpler pleasures of family life such as helping prepare meals at home with his adoptive family. 

To see more of Alex’s time at Kidspace, tune in to Wednesday’s Child – and then to learn more about adoption, call 1-866-921-2367 (ADOPT)