WATCH: Puppy gives cheesy grin on command

A rescued puppy at a no-kill shelter in Chicago sure has lots to smile about! At least it appears that way in a newly viral video that shows him flashing his pearly whites…on command!

The video was shared by the PAWS Chicago Facebook page on Monday along with a little bit of information about the 5-month-old bully breed named Herbert.

According to the post, Herbert was recently rescued from the city pound, and is now living in a foster home where they say he's getting lots of cuddles, working on training and learning to be a puppy.

And while some things are still a work in progress for Herbert, it's safe to say he's mastered at least one thing: smiling for the camera.

As seen in the video, which had more than 9-million views by Tuesday morning, all Herbert needs to here is, "Say cheese!", and he grins from ear to ear.

PAWS Chicago says Herbert will be up for adoption in the next couple of weeks. Those interested should keep an eye our for him here.

Don't you hate when people catch you trying to perfect your selfie smile? Herbert doesn't seem to mind showing off his...