VIDEO: Porch pirate caught on cam stealing from multiple West Hills homes

A porch pirate has been caught on camera stealing packages from multiple houses in the West Hills area.

Ili Ester's home surveillance system recorded a white van patrolling her neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after a FedEx truck dropped a package off at her house.

"It's obvious they had been casing the neighborhood, they had been following the fed ex truck around to see whose getting packages delivered," Ester said.

The video shows the white van making a U-Turn before it pulls up to Ester's house and backs up into the driveway.

A woman gets out of the van, walks up to the porch, steals a package, and then gets back in the van where her accomplice is waiting to drive them away.

"Initially I felt violated and then immediately after that we laughed, because it's funny, it's not funny but it's like did this really just happen," Ester said. "Did someone really just steal a package from our front porch in broad daylight?"

Ester posted video of the incident on her West Hills neighborhood Facebook group, and another resident messaged her two photos of the exact same woman stealing a package from his house the same day.

"This exact same van with the exact same lady stole a package off his property just 10 minutes before she came to our door," she said.

Ester reported the robbery to LAPD's Topanga division, and detectives have images of the woman's face, and the van's license plates.

She said the package the thief stole had a dog toy inside of it.

"I would like her to know, just don't do it, because a lot of houses nowadays have the ring doorbell, cameras surrounding their properties, and you will get caught," Ester said.

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