VIDEO: Norco road rage fight caught on camera; Sheriffs investigating

Authorities are investigating after a road rage incident in Norco was caught on camera. The incident happened just after 8p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, on the 15 Freeway near 6th Street in Norco. 

The video shows two cars driving along the freeway. The video was taken from a car behind them. The two cars – one a dark gray four-door, and the other a silver 4-door – both swerved toward each other nearly colliding. That's when the silver car got off at the next exit. The car from which the video was taken was then caught between the two feuding drivers. 

When the two drivers got on to surface roads, the dark gray car sped past the silver car and pulled over, forcing the silver car to stop. The driver then got out of the car and approached the silver car. 

The altercation slips out of frame, but picks up with the driver of the silver vehicle also out of his car, and the driver of the dark gray car had already back in his vehicle. The driver of the silver car, a man wearing a light blue t-shirt and white shorts, seems to swing at the other car with something in his hand. The driver of the dark gray car opened his door into the man, knocking him back before driving away. The man in blue then appears to throw something at the other car as it drives away. 

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The Riverside County Sheriff's Department says it received calls of the incident Saturday night, but by the time deputies got there, there wasn't anyone there. No one requested medical attention, according to the department, and neither the suspect or the victim have come forward. The department says it's "looking into" the video.

It's unclear what led up to the road rage incident or if anyone was injured in the fight.