VIDEO: Long Beach PD takedown of suspect criticized by bystanders


Controversy in Belmont Shore after cellphone video captures police using foam bullets and a K-9 to take a suspect into custody.

Police say their officers showed restraint, but some bystanders berated the officers accusing them of overreacting.

Long Beach PD says, their officers were responding to reports of a man pointing a gun at cars and when they got on scene they say the suspect didn't follow their commands. And that led to a takedown that was all caught on tape.

Bystanders in Belmont Shore were furious after Long Beach PD uses foam bullets and a police K-9 to take a man down and suspected of being armed.

Jeff Blackmon shot the cellphone video and says before the takedown the man spent several minutes yelling back and forth with police.

Long beach PD says the man didn't follow officers commands and the use of less than lethal force was necessary to deescalate the situation. but Blackmon disagrees.

Blackmon says police and the man should share the blame.

He says the man should have just gotten on the ground and followed orders, but he also thinks police lost their cool.

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