VIDEO: Hero security guards save choking baby in Beverly Hills

Dramatic moments caught on camera as two security officers - including a Marine Corps veteran - saved a baby's life. 

It happened around 11:30 a.m. Friday at the gas station on Santa Monica and Crescent. 

Surveillance video shows a mother falling to her knees in despair as her baby boy appears to choke, his face reportedly turning blue. 

Thankfully, Covered 6 security officers Niko Nesbeth and Joey Madrigal were there to spring into action.

"My partner hears the actual mother comes outside… I saw the vehicle and her screaming ‘who's a doctor?' He runs around… and by the time that happens the mother already throws the baby into my arms," said Nesbeth. "I notice looking at the baby’s face the baby was turning blue. I could tell his colors were changing so I knew he was choking and wasn't getting air."

"Then he tells me baby isn't breathing. Right then and there, I then turn and one thing I've learned through training and everything is that you gotta slow down time, and you gotta realize and just get all the facts and put it all together because I was pretty much in charge of getting the rescue as fast as possible," said Madrigal.

"It was the best feeling to feel that way - to assist a community especially a little child - that's amazing," Nesbeth said.

You see the video as one woman runs in, grabs the water, and asks Nesbeth for help. 

He doesn't hesitate as the other woman, the mother, throws the baby into Nesbeth's arms. His partner calls for help and the paramedics arrive within minutes.

"A baby not breathing requires immediate attention," said Justin Rovtar, manager at Coverd 6. "Like Niko said, he had to just revert back to his training and take action… and his actions saved that baby's life."

Nesbeth is a Marine Corps veteran who served our country for eight years. Madrigal is newer to the company but excited to serve in this way. 

Covered 6 is a private security company that is contracted by the city of Beverly Hills. It is veteran-owned and operated, and their offices have a direct line to police meant for cases just like this. 

Nesbeth and Madrigal told FOX 11 that the baby was okay, but they felt like this was a "divine intervention" in the sense that they were exactly at the right place at the right time to help this baby boy.