VIDEO: Clever thief steals wallet from woman at popular coffee shop

A San Fernando Valley woman is on a mission to find the men who stole her wallet. Security video captured the clever method of two men as they sat near her at a popular coffee shop.

Aline admits she never noticed the men and it was only the security video that made her realize the folly of leaving her purse hanging on the chair.

Two and a half weeks ago, 34-year-old Aline Varbedian came to Panera Bread in Northridge for a business meeting.

Everything went well, until she realized later.

'I looked in my purse and my wallet's missing completely!'

Thanks to a sympathetic restaurant manager, he checked security video.

Check it out.

A well dressed man sits down at a table behind Aline.

Notice his suit jacket is draped on the back of his chair.

He moves his chair and eyes her purse hanging over the back of her seat.

Within seconds, he uses his jacket to shield his arm as he reaches into her bag to snatch her wallet.

Watch again.

It's this easy.

Aline has no clue she's now a crime victim and the bad guys are out the door.

Everything was in there, credit cards and her drivers license.

Fox 11 brought the video to show police which prompted them to call Panera Bread.

Aline filed a lost property report which doesn't call for a criminal investigation.. Stolen property does.

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