Veterans train to become certified football coaches

Friday will be a big day for just over two dozen veterans. They’ll get their certifications as football coaches after a multi-day course of drill training on the field at SoFi Stadium.

Travis Sanchez has a lot of energy. He is one of many men and women who took part in a workshop co-sponsored by the ‘Wounded Warrior Project’ and ‘Soldiers to Sidelines’.  Sanchez, who served this country as a sergeant and likes the title coach, works with 8th-graders in his hometown of Chico.

Organizers say they learned a lot in the military that lends itself to coaching.

Some of those in the workshop have been on the battlefield, in boot camp or are still in active duty and are looking for a purpose as they return to society.

Harrison Bernstein, with Soldiers to Sidelines, created the program. 

"I started this because I believe our veterans can motivate our kids to become future leaders of this country, and they are the kids that will make this country a better place," Bernstein stated. 

Organizers say they have the ability, muscle, and desire to be football coaches whether in youth leagues, high school, college or even the pros.

Mo Streety works with the Rams as a Youth Football Manager. He says some of these people can coach in the pros someday. He knew he wanted to be a coach after leaving active duty.