Homeless encampment cleanup in Venice

A homeless encampment cleanup took place in Venice Wednesday morning. 

Signs in the area near Venice and Dell said a sweep would be taking place as early as 6 a.m.

A homeless advocacy group says about 40 unhoused people would be displaced and would not be able to return after the cleaning because the area will be fenced off. 

LA City Council member Traci Park released the following statement in response to the cleanup efforts:

"Since taking office, my team and I have been working with local residents to fulfill a longtime community wish - the beautification of the parkway along Venice Boulevard at Dell Avenue, which serves as gateway to Venice Beach for local residents and all of Los Angeles. 

Leading up to this work, which starts tomorrow, we have been actively working to bring the individuals living at this site safely indoors in partnership with CIRCLE, LAHSA, St. Joseph and SHARE. This is in addition to a CARE+ service day to restore public health, safety and accessibility along this important thoroughfare.

We will continue our tireless work to bring people indoors."