UCLA on-campus sex assault suspect arrested

A person suspected of sexually assaulting a University of California, Los Angeles student in her dorm room earlier this week has been arrested, officials announced.

It happened just before 3 a.m. Friday at the Saxson Suites dorm on De Neve Drive. According to UCLA Police, a man got into the student's suite, went into her bedroom while she was in bed, sexually assaulted her, then left.

Police said they weren't sure how the suspect got into the dorm, or the girl's sweet.

After a day-long search, the UCLA Police arrested 41-year-old Jeffery Brewer Friday night, after police said the victim and multiple witnesses identified him.

Officers booked Brewer for assault, false imprisonment, burglary and forcible sexual penetration. Brewer's bail was set at $1.05 million.

The UCLA Police Department is still investigating this case. Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at 310-825-9371.