Two-day operation in Pomona nets 19 prostitution arrests

Police in Pomona said a two-day operation geared at curbing prostitution in a section of the city netted 19 arrests.

The department's Major Crimes Task Force concentrated its efforts beginning Friday and ending Saturday along the Holt Corridor, the Pomona Police Department reported.

The people arrested included:
-- Naomi Saray Sterk, 19, Las Vegas, NV
-- Resean Ernice Smith, 22, Pomona
-- Porsche Melisa Smith, 33, San Bernardino
-- Shavette Latoya Nelson, 26, Victorville
-- David Lee Carr, 54, Pomona
-- Keara Karlin Austin, 27, Compton
-- Johnathan Castaneda, 28, Fontana
-- Kristian Hooker, 26, Pomona
-- Miracle Jackson, 21, San Bernardino
-- Jhailand Taylor, 19, Los Angeles
-- Roberta Ann Zapiratan, 45, Rancho Cucamonga
-- Joes Manuel Solis, 23, Ontario
-- Unique Tanay Simpson, 30, Los Angeles
-- Destiny Simmons, 24, Pomona
-- Chelsea Michelle Richardson, 35, Pomona
-- Bernadette Michelle Mercado, 30, Fresno
-- Natasia Maseuli, 24, Pomona
-- Nashyrah Star Dunn, 26, Pomona
-- Carly Tanya Cenora, 19, Glendale, AZ

"This area is nationally known as a problem area for prostitution. Over the two-day period, the Major Crimes Task Force deployed undercover surveillance and tactical units to covertly combat the prostitution along the Holt Corridor," police said.

"As a result, the Major Crimes Task Force arrested a total of 16 prostitutes and three `Johns,"' police said.

Pomona police asked anyone with information regarding the two-day operation to call them at (909) 620-2085.

CNS contributed to this story.