Tucson Police: COVID-19 testing kit accidentally removed, not stolen, from health facility

Tucson Police officials gave an update on an incident that was originally reported as a theft of COVID-19 testing kits from a health facility.

According to initial reports, the incident happened at El Rio Health Center, near Congress Street and Grande Avenue, and involved the disappearance of 29 COVID-19 testing kits. Staff notified Tucson Police on Saturday morning.

In a statement posted to the department's verified Facebook page on Tuesday, investigators say the incident was actually a mere misunderstanding.

Officials now say the person initially described as the suspect was actually a legitimate delivery driver for a third-party transport company that subcontracts for Sonora Quest Laboratories. It has now been determined that the testing kits were accidentally removed from El Rio and taken to Sonora Quest following a pick-up request.

Police investigators say employees at El Rio confirm that the kids have been returned. The incident is not a burglary, and the investigation is now closed. The man featured in photos previously released by police is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

 The Associated Press contributed to this report.