Trump: Immigration into the US suspended for 60 days

President Trump’s tweets often provoke strong reactions, some positive some negative. In the immigrant community here in Southern California, the President’s tweet Monday night about an immigration ban prompted head shaking, frustration but not a lot of surprises.

The  President said, in summary, because of the invisible enemy and the need to protect jobs, immigration is temporarily suspended.  

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''This is another attempt by the administration to distract attention from its failures" was how Joseph Villela put it.  I spoke to Villela this morning. 

He is one of the leaders of the well-known group, CHRLA, the Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights Los Angeles. 

"In the absence of leadership he relies on going after immigration, and immigrants are the ones who’ve essentially kept the country moving."

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The Presidents advisors say this was necessary move to protect the health of the public as well as the supply of jobs once the economy reopens and there is certainly support for both of those things, says LA political consultant Matt Klink, though he and others have noted that immigration is essentially nonexistent right now anyway.   

“It’s a ‘twofer’  for the President.  He is protecting America but at the same time, he is fulfilling a campaign promise to slow immigration."

He is catering to his base. ‘’We don’t yet know details of the President’s plan."

In the past, he’s delivered on his tweeted ideas, and then he’s tweeted things that have ultimately not happened. 

We’ll know more this week.