TripAdvisor accuser blasts site for allegedly deleting posts about rape, crimes

One of the travelers accusing website TripAdvisor of scrubbing first-hand accounts of rape, blackouts, and other injuries blasted the company Wednesday for its response to her, even as TripAdvisor rolled out a series of vague warning "badges" on the pages of some Mexican resorts listed on the site.

Kristie Love posted in 2010 that she had been raped by a security guard at the Iberostar Paraiso resort near Playa Del Carmen, and the stunning warning had been removed from TripAdvisor's reviews until this year. Love sent a letter to the company's CEO on Wednesday, accusing TripAdvisor of refusing to protect people and only being "concerned with their own growth and earnings," according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"My fight to expose the truth about what occurred to me when I was sexually assaulted in Mexico in 2010 was for the sole purpose to educate and protect others," the 35-year-old from Dallas wrote.

The Journal Sentinel initially reported no one from TripAdvisor contacted Love to apologize, though CEO Steve Kaufer wrote in a LinkedIn post last week the company "apologized to the victim for her experience."