Traffic problems on your street? Street humps are available for the asking

Terrible accidents happen on lots of our streets. Some have straight-aways and become like racing strips. Some have homeowners on streets like N. Avenue 46 in Eagle Rock, very concerned.

"It's been a street where they have speeders," says Peter Hilton. He works on the city's program in which neighborhoods in the LA can petition to have speed humps put on their streets. These little asphalt rises, he says, can make a big difference and save lives.

The program requires that if a large percentage of the people on your street want humps installed they can submit petitions for review. Then each council district gets a certain allotment.

Josh Ellman started the drive here on N. Avenue 46th between Eagle Rock and Westdale because he worries for the children around here. Says Ellman, "I don't know if its the answer but we'll find out."

The city reviewed his petition and plans to install one hump on the roadway. Over 60% of his neighbors signed their petition.

So, do these humps that are about 3-inches off the ground and about 10 to 12-feet across the road really make a difference? Hilton says absolutely. He says they make people slow down.

For Jennifer Eich, the bump has worked on her street, "But just this morning I heard someone hit it at 50 who kept going."

Despite that, everyone we spoke to said they are better than nothing slowing down speed-demons.

For more information on how to make a request go to