Torrance kids help fix Christmas decorations that were vandalized

For the last 19 years, Christa Crafton-Hall has lived in Torrance. 

She tells FOX 11 that on Tuesday night a few kids walked past her decorated home and knocked down some of her Christmas lights. Ring video from her door shows that they walked by the yard twice knocking down lights each time.

To her that was naughty. The next day, 6th grader Adrian Gonzales and his friend Arturo Gomez walked past the same yard. They noticed some of the decorations on the ground and put them back up.

Crafton-Hall found that action uplifting and, yes, nice! She said the boy’s actions were wonderful.

Adrian and Arturo thought the wind knocked them down. They had no idea they had been kicked over by other kids. 

Both boys told us they thought fixing the decorations was the right thing to do.

To Crafton-Hall, the actions of those boys were nice to see and worthy of praise.