Top baby names for 2022: A few fun predictions here

What will be the most popular baby names of 2022? just released its predictions for this year on Monday — and there are a few surprises, based on its findings using the Social Security Administration data on births in 2020 (the most recent year released) and data found from the United States Census Bureau. 

The name Liam tops the names list for boys — and the organization "predicts [that] 18,960 babies will be named Liam in 2022." 

"New names entered the top 10," this year, the group also said. 

However, the name Henry moved up one spot, to No. 8 — pushing the name Lucas down a notch, to No. 9. 

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Olivia leads as the top name for girls, with 16,510 babies named Olivia projected for the year, said

In a statement, the group said that it's been "95 percent accurate in predictions over the last three years."

How about the vintage names?

Over the years there have seen ebbs and flows when it comes to modern names, unique names, vintage names and classic names, Matthew Kolb of the organization said in an email on Monday to Fox News Digital.

Kolb of added that the trend this year does appear to show a "return to classic names like William, James and Benjamin — and vintage names like Emma, Henry, Evelyn and Charlotte." 

The use of vintage names declined during the 1980s and 1990s, but those names are now seeing a comeback. 

"Even some of the more modern names like Liam are a derivative of classics like William," said Kolb.

These three names gained in popularity 

Luna made the list for the first time this year, coming in at No. 10.

Meanwhile, the names Charlotte and Amelia "are gaining in popularity," the organization said.

Charlotte bumped up to No. 3 from No. 4, while Amelia also moved up, to No. 4 from No. 6. 

Kolb said it was interesting to see the name Luna make the top 10 list, as the name has been gaining steam in recent years. 

"Luna stands out in our top 10 lists," said Kolb.

The name James remains the most popular name in the U.S., at 5.2 million people — and James is used 100 times more often than Luna is, Kolb said.  

There are honorable mentions as well. 

Mateo gets that nod for boys, while Camilla is in that category for girls. Both Mateo and Camila are of Spanish origin. 

Which names are declining in popularity? 

Michael, Jack, Mason and Levi fell short of the top 10 and are declining in popularity, reported. 

Harper, Elizabeth, Sofia, Mila and Ella are also decreasing in popularity for girls' names.

The full list of most popular names follows, according to this organization.

10 most popular names for boys in 2022

1.) Liam 

2.) Noah

3.) Oliver

4) Elijah

5.) William

6.) James

7.) Benjamin

8.) Henry

9.) Lucas

10.) Alexander

10 most popular names for girls in 2022

1.) Olivia

2.) Emma

3.) Charlotte

4.) Amelia

5.) Sophia

6.) Ava

7.) Isabella

8.) Mia

9.) Evelyn

10.) Luna

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