Tips to make your holiday entertaining stress-free

If you're planning a holiday soiree and it seems a bit overwhelming, we've got some tips and tricks to make your entertaining easy.

Gretchen Connelie with Tommy Bahama joined us with holiday entertaining-made-easy ideas:

-- Always be prepared: Keep key party essentials in the house
-- Use decorative tins for decor and color in your display/buffet
-- Create a festive focal point with dessert buffet
-- Label goodies so all can enjoy
-- Use cupcake liners for any cookies or treats your guests bring so they work into your display
-- A red, white and sparkling wine will work for any holiday occasion
-- Set up a coffee station for a flavored coffee drinks.
-- Specialty foods are great to serve guests or use as a gift.
-- Keep pre-wrapped gifts on hand for anyone on your list…or anyone you forgot!