Threat of rain causes concern for Santa Clarita residents with shifting backyards

Homeowners in Santa Clarita were forced to evacuate after backyards slid down the hillside, and with another storm on the way this weekend, residents were taking steps to prevent further damage.

On Feb. 22, two homes on the 19700 block of Terri Drive were yellow-tagged by firefighters and building inspectors.

The homeowners noticed cracks in their patios and yards after recent rain. A few days later, fences, trees and patios started sliding down the hill towards homes below.

Ahead of more wet weather during the first weekend in March, two homeowners associations brought in plastic sheeting, gravel and pumps to keep more water from pooling in the already saturated hillside.

The two HOA for the Trestles and American Beauty developments have also contracted geologists to help find the root of the problem.