Thieves repeatedly hit small Glendora business renting out U-Hauls

Thieves repeatedly hit a small business in Glendora stealing some bizarre but valuable things. If they're not caught soon, its owner says it could jeopardize his business.

No matter what he does to beef up his security, thieves just continue to hit his store.

"People are desperate, and they're doing desperate things," said Michael Camero, who runs Postal Annex in Glendora.

Camero has run the shop for 11 years. Part of the business includes renting out U-Haul trucks in the back. But over the past seven months, thieves are making it increasingly difficult to run his business.

"I know times are tough but this is my bread and butter and I take care of my family that way. Please stop," Camero begs the thief.

It started when someone stole the hoods off his bigger rig on the property. Not just once, but twice. He said U-haul corporate told him it's the only time they've ever heard of such a thing. Camero said the hoods are valued at $5,000.

So, he's installed security cameras. After thieves hit him three times in the last three weeks, he hasn't kept his eye off the cameras at night.

"My wife thinks I'm a nutcase," Camero laughed.

Recently, he's caught a guy in a white van with a black design on the side stealing gas out of his trucks on the lot.

"So, it's frustrating," said Camero.

He's worried the thieves actions could impact the bottom line and remains hopeful he'll be able to remain in business.