These 2 California cities are growing faster than others, study shows

While the trend of Californians flocking to more affordable states continues, turns out some parts of the Golden State continue to grow.

Actually, it's quite the opposite for two California cities which recently ranked on SmartAsset's list of fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

The study, which analyzed cities with populations over 100,000 in America, looked at 344 cities based on U.S. Census data.

Menifee in Riverside County and Roseville in Placer County both ranked in the top 20.

According to the data, Menifee ranked No. 9 overall as it saw its population grow from 90,599 in 2017 to 109,399 in 2022, or 17.4%.

Meanwhile, Roseville ranked No. 20, with its population surging from 135,325 to 154,826, or 12.2%.


The study also found that during the same time period, however, California's largest cities - which are also the most expensive - lost residents as well.

San Francisco reported the biggest decrease (7.8%), followed by San Jose (5%), Los Angeles (3.8%), and San Diego (2.7%).

Data showed California suffered a net loss of 342,000 residents in 2022, while about 475,000 people decided to move to the Golden State.