Teen girl fights off attackers in Long Beach

A 16-year-old girl fought off her attackers during a robbery attempt in Long Beach.  

The young girl was walking along Long Beach Blvd, near E. Cambridge St., when a car pulled up next to her with three men inside.

One of the suspects got out and tackled her, attempting to remove her jewelry.  

"He was starting to get on top of me. I started screaming, tossing, kicking my legs. He then started to put his fingers inside my mouth and telling me to be quiet so I wouldn't scream. It was very frightening. My thoughts were like, this is it and this is over. I'm not going to be here anymore," the 16-year-old girl told FOX 11.  

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She says the suspect was grabbing her keys, necklace and yanked her earrings off. She managed to kick him and eventually he got off and they fled, she ran away in the opposite direction.  

She also managed to take out her cellphone and record the aftermath of the attack.

"I was trying to record the license plate and I was trying to record to show my mom like what this guy did to me."  

She shared photos of the marks and bruises she sustained during her attack. But despite that all, she is still standing tall and tough.

"The next day my whole back ached. My whole arm really hurt. My whole body felt sore," she explained. The three men were in a dark colored sedan. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Long Beach Police Department.