Teacher hit in head by chair thrown by student

WARNING: The video shown above is graphic and may be disturbing.

A teacher was briefly knocked out after one of the students threw a chair in class.

The viral video, shared by 810newsmediagroup, showed a chaotic scene in a Michigan classroom where multiple students were shouting at each other on top of their lungs. One of the students picks up a chair and throws it across the room, hitting an unsuspecting teacher in the head. The teacher was not involved in the shouting match and was not paying attention to the student picking up the chair.

According to FOX News, the teacher has since recovered from her injuries and is back to teaching.

"Furthermore, I am heartened to inform you that the teacher has chosen to return to work," according to a statement released by the school district's superintendent Kevelin Jones and obtained by FOX News. "On the day of the teacher's return, scholars and staff will be present to extend their warm welcome. They consider this teacher a hero, and we share in their sentiment."

FOX News also reports the teen who threw the chair may face felony charges.