Sylmar RV encampment remains more than a a month after residents forced out

Over a month after residents in an illegal RV encampment in Sylmar where told they had to leave, the RVs remain in place and while some people did move, neighbors tell us that new people are moving in and the problems continue.

"You can hear the generators at night" said one resident a few houses down, echoing others complaining about the stench from what they assume is the same open sewer line they have complained to the city about. Inspectors found the situation so uninhabitable, the city of Los Angeles turned off the power to the property and asked everyone to leave.

The owner of the property refused to speak to FOX 11, neither would the man who has in the past presented himself to be her representative and groundskeeper. However, he is seen on doorbell camera video, provided to FOX 11 by neighbors, asking $1.5 million cash for the property where the RVs remain, saying they're doing "nothing" else to the property and to pay if they want their peace.


Cruz Godoy, who owns the property, has pled not guilty to zoning and safety violations, and is supposed to be in court next month. Residents in the homes around her plan to be in court, again. But they are looking for their own attorney to represent their interests, saying the city of Los Angeles "just isn’t."