Stranded passengers stuck at LAX when airline cancels flight

Suitcases packed and ready to go, Stephanie Wiese has been trying to get out of LAX on Norwegian Airlines for the last three days.

A mechanical problem on the plane forced the airline to cancel her flight to Copenhagen late Wednesday night.

"The first night we were stuck in the airplane for about 3 hours until we got some information the flight got cancelled," she said.

Stranded passengers were given hotel vouchers and returned early on Thanksgiving Thursday for a 1 p.m. departure, only to be told the flight was delayed again.

"There were always these updates every two hours, wait two hours more, wait two hours more wait two hours more," passenger, Jacob Zirgast, said.

Frustrated with their travel nightmare video shows passengers flooding the ticket counter angry at airline staff.

"We're mad at the way this is being handled, we're mad at the way you're communicating with us," a person said in the video. "You aren't giving us clear information and this is crazy."

"Everyone at the same time basically hit the wall and said that's it we're not going to put up with this," passenger, Bob Hunt, said.

After spending another 12 hours in the airport on Thanksgiving the airline cancelled the flight again.

Passenger Randy May said, he was supposed to be in Spain with family friends at that point.

"Our Thanksgiving dinner guess what it was?" May said. "Pizza."

Other travelers also missed out on their vacations or were delayed getting home.

Fed up, Hunt cancelled his trip and went home to Palm Springs, but other families couldn't do that.

"There were babies at the airport and they ran out of diapers," Hunt said. "They ran out of formula for the kids and you can't get that at the airport."

Passenger's said they were forced to re-book themselves on other Norwegian flights, some finally got out on Friday to London and Oslo to reach their final destination.

"I'm never flying with them again that's for sure," Wiese said.

Below is the full statement from the airline.

"Norwegian apologizes for this extremely unfortunate situation and for all the burden it has caused our customers. This heavy delay was caused by a series of unforeseen and separate incidents, including a medical emergency onboard which forced the aircraft to return to gate Tuesday night, when the flight was originally scheduled to depart.

Our customer service department have so far rebooked 210 affected passengers on either other Norwegian flights or with other airlines. We currently have 53 remaining passengers scheduled to depart tomorrow.

Customers are entitled to full refunds if they cancelled their flights, and we have clearly communicated to affected passengers that they can apply for compensation according to the EU regulations 261/200147 through our website.

Again, Norwegian does apologize for all the inconvenience we have caused our passengers."

There was a special hotline set up for these affected passengers, where they could rebook. The number is 754.222.5444.

Customers can also rebook by calling our 24/7 call center number, 1800.357.4159.