So Hungry You're Getting Hangry? How To Handle A Snack Attack

Here's how it works: when we don't eat, our blood sugar drops. That sends our brains into "fight or flight" mode; triggering a rush of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and something called Neuropeptide Y, which can makes us very cranky.

"First of all, don't arrange meetings when you're really hungry, or have that really hard talk with your coworker," said Dr. Sharon Bergquist.

To head off a hanger attack, Dr. Bergquist said try to keep you blood sugar stable by eating regularly, combining protein and fiber.

"Breakfast, for example, could be whole grain toast with an egg white omelet. You get a good amount of protein, good amount of whole grain. That satisfies your hunger for the longest period of time," she explained.

To keep from getting to the point you're starving, try to eat at least every three hours. In between meals, stay fueled with healthy snacks. Dr. Bergquist said nuts are a great choice. You can carry them with you and they'll keep your energy levels stable.

When we're hitting critical mass, a lot of us either hit the snack machine or load up on sugary foods, which can backfire.

"You get a surge of sugar into your blood stream, then a few hours later that sugar just drops because they're so easily processed by our body," said Dr. Bergquist.

So, eat up. But eat the right stuff. The next time someone pushes your buttons; you'll smile and take a deep breath.

No hanger here!