Rain causes sinkholes on LA County roads

Heavy rain caused multiple sinkholes to open on Los Angeles County roadways.

What began as a pothole turned into a massive sinkhole following days of rain in Pico-Union. The gaping sinkhole is located in the area near Eldon Avenue between 12th and Pico. 

The Los Angeles Police Department estimated the sinkhole to be about three feet across and around ten feet deep, but a closer look shows a wide area underneath washed away. 

As the sinkhole grows, so does concern, as it continues to threaten the area. 

Street services said they will be breaking asphalt around the hole and determine what is causing all the erosion. Several factors are being considered, including how old the street is and if something could have been defective when the street was first built.

A SigAlert was also issued in downtown Los Angeles on the northbound 101 Freeway for a sinkhole in the right lane near Spring Street. 

Potholes were a common sight for many drivers following the massive storm and repair crews are working overtime to fill them. 

"We are doing the best that we can," said John MInix, with Los Angeles Public Works, explaining they are getting four times the number of service calls.

Drivers are urged to call 311 to report any potholes. 

Since February 2, Street Services have received almost 1,400 calls for service, and say they have gotten to about half of them.

A 2021 AAA study found that 1 in 10 drivers had to pay about $600 for repairs caused potholes. In Los Angeles, drivers can file claims with the office of the city clerk online