Sheriff's officials say it wasn’t their personnel who threw a private party at Hollywood bar

So, exactly who WAS at the big private party at a Hollywood bar on Friday.  All we know for sure is that there was a party at the Sassafras club, about a hundred people, many not wearing masks, let alone social distancing.

Online, the allegation is that they were LA County Deputies, which the department has denied. Residents and business owners in the area say those attending were some kind of law enforcement, but no one was asking specifics.

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What they are wondering, out loud (at least to us) is why the block in front of the club  - which they have been complaining about for months, was suddenly cleaned up, and homeless people were moved.

Not that they are unhappy, mind you, about the block being devoid of the tents, litter, human waste, cables stealing electricity from shuttered businesses, and the fire hydrant being used for showers.“ We have been calling every city councilperson, and department for months- nothing!” says one resident, “but let them have a get-together, despite the COVID restrictions, and voila - that block is power washed and empty.

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Is that fair?”

City officials say it was a coincidence. LASD says it wasn’t their people.

Watch the story and tell us what you think.