Juror from Scott Peterson trial worried for those tasked with deciding fate of Derek Chauvin trial

"I am so worried for these jurors," says Michael Belmessieri.

He also served in a high-profile jury, that of Scott Petersen, who was convicted in 2004 for the murder of his wife Lacey Petersen. He has been following the Derek Chauvin trial and tells us he couldn’t deal with what the Chauvin jurors are dealing with, referring to the pressure that there would be riots if their verdict did not match the public opinion.

"We didn’t have to deal with that -- and I hate to say it -- I think it will affect their decision," Belmessieri said.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who is used to the limelight, has also been following this trial. Bloom says she is pretty comfortable with the Prosecution’s case and closing arguments.

"They have the video," which makes it simple, she explains. 

"The defense has to come up with something to battle that," which makes it complicated, Bloom adds.

Generally, jurors tend to give law enforcement a lot of leeways, but what is critical in this point, according to Bloom, is the length of time Chauvin had his body weight on Floyd: 9 minutes.

Another officer, at one point, even suggests that he turn Floyd over, which makes a difference, she adds.

Belmessieri cringes at the video, but as a former juror, he knows the pressure of making a decision. Now, social media plays a huge role and fully expects that to make a difference, even for sequestered jurors.

Both do believe it will not be a quick decision, though. So stand by.

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