Scott Baio Sexual Harrassment Allegations: Dueling News Conferences

Now 43-years-old, Alexander Polinsky stood before an line of cameras and reporters to say, "I was sexually harassed by Scott Baio and ultimately assaulted by him between the ages of 12 and 15 years old."

When he was 11-years-old Polinsky thought he was on the top of the world with an acting job on a tv show. But, he says his life changed when he was allegedly abused by Baio. His allegations include an incident in which he claimed Baio pulled down his pants in front of over 100 people.

Polinksky has become the second from that show to take aim at Baio with allegations of sexual abuse. Nicole Eggert was the first. She was here to support her cast member saying that, given what she claims they endured, "Our innocence was robbed."

Hours later another news conference. This one by the Baio defense team. A civil lawyer named Jennifer McGrath and a spokesman named Brian Glicklich.

To the reporters assembled at a Century City office Glicklich read, "I have a statement from Scott Baio: 'For reasons I don't understand I am the target of false claims that threaten everything that is important in my life. I'm hurt and I'm angry."

At a news conference with Baio's spokesman and civil attorney, (baio wasn't here but we were told at a school function)… his legal team took aim at Eggert and Polinsky …

Said McGrath, "Alexander Polinsky like Nicole Eggert has made multiple inconsistent statements and just like Eggert Mr. Polinsky makes his statements in front of cameras instead of to law enforcement."
Much has been said about whether there is a statute of limitations since that being accused allegedly happened so long ago. We took that question to legal expert Leo Terrell who basically said Wednesday's dueling news conferences was to play to the Court of Public Opinion and will have no standing in a Court of Law.