School Standouts: Kayla Perez

Name: Kayla Perez

School: El Rancho High School

Stats: 4.1 GPA

College Bound: UCLA! Go Bruins!

Favorite Band/Artist: BTS, The 1975, DEAN, Led Zeppelin, Tyler the Creator, Lizzo, Rihanna, And Beyonce

Favorite Song: I don't really have one but I remember always wanting to listen to "Clocks" and "Yellow" by Coldplay as a kid.

Favorite Food: Tacos Al Pastor

Favorite Local Hangout: The boba shop Uno near my school! I have a lot of memories there from hanging out with my friends.

Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands and Inception

Favorite Teacher: My journalism advisor, Mr. Zeko, and math teacher, Mr. Francis, they've been there for me since day one.

Favorite City: Seoul and Los Angeles

First Job: Making tamales and selling them at school!

When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A manager in the entertainment business or foreign affairs specialist.

Favorite Subject In School: English and Ethnic Studies

Last Book I Read Was: "Demian" by Herman Hesse

Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man, Scarlett Witch, and Jean Grey

Life Quote: Don't really have one, I think you should just do what you love in life and try to grow as much as possible.

I Most Admire: People with compassion

My Biggest Inspiration: My family

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World, It Would Be: Italy

My Favorite Sports Team: I don't have one, I don't keep up with sports sorry lol

My Favorite Sports Player: I don't have one

Favorite Saying: "Love yourself"

Favorite Word: Marvelous

If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone It Would Be: Audrey Hepburn

Favorite TV Show: Black Mirror

I Want To Be: Genuinely happy