Santa Clarita to allow trick-or-treating

Residents of Santa Clarita got the official greenlight to trick-or-treat this year.

The mayor says this is clarification of LA County and state public health officials who discouraged against it but have not banned the Halloween activity. 
But even though trick-or-treating is allowed, the holiday will be much different than last year. 

Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smythe says all people trick-or-treating should wear a mask and practice social distancing.  

California and LA County public health officials discourage trick-or-treating, but there’s no official ban.

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The mayor’s announcement was meant to provide more clarification than rebelliousness against the county and state.

“We are in complete compliance I’m not encouraging it or discouraging it, just want to make sure that people had the information for themselves,” Mayor Smythe said.

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And plenty of people we talked to agreed; Halloween is on but certainly not the same as last year.