Santa Clarita Road lifts nearly 20 feet after slow landslide

In just one day, Mother Earth pushed a Santa Clarita road up 20 feet, and there's no signs she's stopping.

A small ripple was reported on Vasquez Canyon Road Thursday morning, Since then, it's moved about one foot every two hours.

About 7,000 drivers use the road every day, according to the Department of Public Works. Dan Martin was on it just one hour before the county closed it Thursday.

"For about three weeks you could notice it getting a little bumpier and a little bumpier. But I had no idea this would happen," said Martin.

Geologists didn't know it would happen either. And they still don't know exactly why the soil pushed the road up.

"Our geologists are investigating what's making the hillside give way. There's no obvious causes right now. The weather s fine. There's been no seismic activity," said Steven Frashier with the Department of Public Works.

Vasquez Canyon Road is now blocked off between Sierra Highway and Bouquet Canyon Road and there's no telling when it will be back open.

"The hillside is still moving as we speak. So until the hillside stops moving and we can determine why...we can't get to the road maintenance and engineering," said Frashier.

Edison is working on the utility poles in the area. They say customers haven't been affected.

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